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Zentern’s quality begins with you, the stars of tomorrow’s world. For five years now we’ve been arranging internships for the best 20-somethings from around the globe in Japan’s coolest companies. No Japanese language ability? No sweat. Just tell us your work abroad dream, send over your sparkling résumé, and we’ll waltz you into a job that makes you so happy you’ll think you’re at the circus (unless that’s where you already happen to be interning). We at Zentern share your passion for working in Japan – one reason we all get along like family around here – and complement it with best-in-breed professionalism. [Dramatic pause to clear throat and brush imaginary lint from business suit.] Our 9.6/10 rating says it all. Ultimately, we don’t just give you a hotline for your employment history page: we give you the time of your life. N.B. Doing backflips when you receive your completion certificate is entirely optional.

Ever meet a real life ninja? Drink tea at a cosplay café? Sit in zazen meditation before starting your day? That’s okay. Neither have most people who were born here. Point being, if you leave this country thinking that because you took your picture with someone wearing a kimono, you somehow “did Japan,” you didn’t intern with us. The Zentern crew doesn’t just drop you off with a house key, guidebook, and good luck wishes for your internship in Japan: we are your living guides who make sure you don’t need luck to discover the infinite colors of Japan’s kaleidoscope. The only internship company in the country that offers a year-round calendar of opportunities for cultural immersion to students, we guarantee something fun will be going on every week, regardless of when you’re here. Add to that our network events and monthly meetups, and your only concern may be figuring out when to sleep during your internship in Japan. But no worries: give us a month and we’ll have you power napping on the train and waking up exactly upon arrival at your station, just like a native pro.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” So said Plutarch, and we at Zentern love that philosophy. (We also kinda dig the guy’s beard.) Every internship worth its weight in sushi should include career counseling, right? But the question is, who are the so-called “counselors”? On park benches around the world you can find sages ready to give you free advice, and for doomsday prophecies they’ve probably got us beat. But when it comes to career mentoring and advancing from student to young professional, Zentern is Japan’s undisputed heavyweight champ. Some say it’s an unfair advantage us having a sister company packed with award-winning business experts who are ready to sit down anytime and help you visualize your next jump. To them we reply…well, actually, we don’t. We turned them off so we can focus on what really matters – namely, stoking your blaze.

Whether your internship is in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo or Okinawa, at Zentern you get way more “yeah!” for your yen.
​On top of the amazing internship in Japan itself, we set you up in a comfy pad close to your internship, kit you out with handy lifesaver manuals for peace of mind, and a commuter pass so you don’t have to fumble for change at the station every day. But you’re still going to have questions: 
Why do the Japanese nod when they mean “no”? Where are all the garbage cans? That’s where your Zenpal comes in, a local buddy who’ll help guide you through Nippon’s sometimes baffling cultural maze. We pride ourselves on being more flexible than a yoga teacher, which means you can start whenever – and stay as long as – your adventurous heart desires. Want to be here for the cherry blossoms? We’ll make it happen. Sucker for sumo? Let’s time your stay so you can see the big boys go at it live. We even have a 24/7 emergency service, just in case you twist your ankle coming down Mt. Fuji. But try not to do that. Makes it harder to jump for joy.

  •  Guaranteed internship in Japan

  • Career counselling & mentorship

  • Flexible start & end dates

  • Weekly meet-ups

  • 24/7 local emergency support

  • Accommodation arrangements

  • Field trips with other interns

  • Local Zenpal (buddy) provided

  • Certificate of completion

  • Transportation Pass (Charged)

  • Data mobile sim card 

  • We love what we do every day!

  • Weekly follow-ups

  • Interns are our #1 priority!

  • 5+ years of experience

  • Enquiry​

    1) You give us a shout.

    ​2) Zentern shouts back the same day.​

    3) We all stop shouting and figure out a good time for a live chat about your internship in Japan.


    Face time over the Internet to get acquainted and determine if/when you’re ready to jump on board. Also to check out each other’s taste in wall decorations.

  • Sign Up

    You shoot us your documents and application fee. We go to work finding you an internship in Japan that will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a ball of yarn in the Sahara.

  • PREP

    We trick out your documents and complete all application docs in less time than it takes to binge watch every episode of Game of Thrones (72 hours). Save us some popcorn.


    No, not to our awesomeness. That comes later. This is where we get your application over to selected clients and set up interviews for you.

  • Interview

    Within 4-to-8 weeks of us submitting your application, you’ll interview with companies of interest. Button up and dazzle em with your personality floodlight.

  • Placement

    Shortly after your interview(s), we’ll call with the news: “Yatta-a!” (“We did it!”) Amazing company wants you. Get set to jet.

Human Resources

International Recruitment Agency (4 months)

13 February 18

Financial Services

6-month intern Business & Control Department

13 February 18

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising intern for small international company

22 January 18


3-month internship at a famous Japanese hotel

15 January 18

Broadcast Media

6-month internship at international film production company

09 January 18

Education Management

4-month internship at international school

18 December 17

Financial Services

3-month at international finance consulting group

04 December 17

Computer Software

Web Developer

Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo
23 November 17