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Who we are

Zentern is a division of Zensho Agency Inc. Three blazing brands under one corporate roof:

Zensho: Thirteen years of award-winning service and Japan’s undisputed champion of legal and compliance recruitment. 

The Agency: Japan’s fastest growing recruiter tribe working new-gun-in-town magic across diverse industry sectors. 

Zentern: Japan’s only internship service to offer premier job opportunities complemented by a dynamic cultural experience and expert career mentorship.

Veteran meets revolutionaries

Where we are

Our Logo

The Zentern hexagram comes from that immortal tome of wisdom, the I Ching, and has the nickname “Lu.” Dubbed “The Wanderer” in English, it symbolizes everything we’re about. Travel. Adventure. Expanding your horizons by crossing over them into the great beyond. The original Chinese text includes the phrases “fire on the mountain” and “success through perseverance.” Remind you of anyone?

Yeah, it’s time to light things up, so pack your bags and kiss the folks goodbye for a while. Steep yourself in the culture you’ve only read and gawked at videos about. Return home changed forever, speaking a new language – not just of words but of (okay, we gotta go deep here for a second) the soul. Even if your name isn’t Lou, we’ll be psyched if you wander across the ocean to us. We’ll provide the mountains: you bring the fire.

Here's the mandatory corporate stuff...

Company Name

Zensho Agency Inc.

President & Chief Evangelist

Robin Doenicke

Managing Director

Noa Aziz

Place of Establishment


Year of Establishment



3F Way Towers,

Akasaka 2-9-2, Minato-ku,

Tokyo, 107-0052

Main Phone (Zensho Agency Inc.)


Direct Phone (Zentern Division)050-1749-7013


​Recruiting License Number

13 – ユ – 302223