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Zentern's Japanese Classes

11 Dec 16:00 by Zentern Team


Last week we have started our own Japanese private lessons for our Zenterns who are currently conducting their internship in Tokyo.

It doesn't matter if you pronounce Konnichiwa as Koinchawa or if you are novelist only writing Japanese books, we have all levels available.
Toru-Sensei will customize lessons according to what you need - so imagine:
How to order your favorite sushi in a restaurant
Common words used during your internship
How to ask for help if Godzilla is attacking your suburb
Or how to translate a 300 year old Kanji book
And more.

Check out Ixchel & Diogo working on their Japanese.


Toru-Sensei is explaining on how to introduce yourself in Japanese the polite and casual way.


Japanese is difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it's smooth sailing and we will help you with it.
Next time when we go out, the Zenterns will be the ones ordering lunch in Japanese!

Zentern offers a lot of fun extras besides only your internship. Later this week we organize a network event, stay tuned for the pictures!