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Snow in Tokyo!

22 Jan 18:00 by Zentern Team


Greetings from super snowy Tokyo!

These pictures were taken from our office today.

Check out this time lapse taken from our office.


Wish it snowed more!


It's been 4 years since it snowed this much... Expected snow fall is 10cm.
I am sure this is nothing compared other parts in the world (and northern Japan) but it's something big for Tokyo.

Most interns in Tokyo were very surprised, Tokyo is not known for its snowy season...
Lots of trains and busses are delayed and shops are closing earlier than usual.
In these cases almost all companies, including your internship, will send you home earlier. 

The weather forcast has only predicted snowfall today. It will be very cold so hopefully it won't be too slippery on our way back to work tomorrow!