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Noa Aziz

Position: Founder & Managing Director
Linkedin Profile: Noa Aziz

Area of expertise: Internships

Ask me about: The Crab Nebula, getting the top score on my high school’s oral book exam by utterly trashing the book, or the Arizona sheriff who pulled me over for speeding, didn't give me a ticket, and then took a selfie with me.

And for the rest of the story...

Noa has a secret love of skyscraper views and astronomy, which should be enough to convince you that life at ground level was never an option for Noa. A native of Holland’s The Hague, the director of Japan’s coolest internship firm has an inside-out understanding of both client and partner needs, having been first an intern and then an internship company executive. She provides insights to all our brilliant young adventurers from overseas, while at the same time helping Japan-based companies globalize by getting such foreign talent on board.

Noa taking the helm at Zentern has been a game-changer all around. For her it has meant doing away with management-imposed stress and joining a family: for us, taking a quantum leap in our staffing powers and welcoming a sister to the tribe. “I’ve never worked in an environment where everyone has so much respect for each other,” she says, “where you can work with such freedom and still make a profit. It’s a whole new concept of teamwork and professional development.” Hunger (for both business and breakfast) gets Noa out of bed every day, but Mom is her role model and supports her every decision. So do we – especially the one that has her now reaching new heights from the ZAKK offices.